If you have a qualifying medical condition that means you need wide and deep footwear, then you may not have to pay VAT on your order.

Can I claim for VAT relief?

Individuals who are classed as chronically sick or disabled can claim VAT relief on our Websters and Aetrex range of products.

People are classed as ‘chronically sick or disabled’ if they:

  • Have a physical or mental impairment that has a long-term affect on their ability to carry out everyday activities
  • Have a condition that doctors treat as a chronic sickness (like diabetes, for example) or;
  • Are terminally ill

People suffering from the following may also qualify for VAT relief in some circumstances: Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Oedema, Heart Disease, Stroke, and also certain other medical conditions which result in swollen feet and the consequent need for extra roomy footwear.

A person with a temporary injury like a broken leg does not qualify, nor does a frail older person who is otherwise well and not disabled.

If you are not sure whether you qualify or not, please ask your doctor for further advice.

VAT relief is also available on our footwear range if you have a medical condition which results in swollen feet and the need for extra roomy footwear.

How do I claim VAT relief?

If you qualify for relief you must complete the VAT relief form in the checkout section.

Once you have registered your eligibility to purchase products VAT free, you can if you wish place any subsequent orders by phone.