Fitting Guide

Use our guide below to determine your shoe size and your required width.

Part 1 – Shoe Size – measuring your foot length in three easy steps

To measure your foot length, you’ll need a piece of blank paper larger than your foot (or two pieces of paper firmly stuck together). Fold up about 2 centimetres of the paper at one end.

Step 1:

Place the folded section of the piece of paper against the edge of a wall or a skirting board on a solid, flat piece of flooring. Stand with your foot with your heel against the wall on the piece of paper, making sure the paper hasn’t moved and has its edge still evenly lined up with the wall. See diagram. Make sure both the paper and your foot don’t move during the measurement process to ensure you get accurate results.

Step 2:

Standing normally, mark on the paper where the very tip of your big toe reaches.

Step 3:

Step off the paper and now simply measure the distance from the mark on the paper, back to the folded edge that was against the wall. Write down the measurement in millimetres and use the table below to work out your shoe size.

Part 2 – Foot Width – Measuring your foot width (circumference) in three easy steps

You’ll need a flexible tape measure or a thin strip of paper. You will also need to know your shoe size – use the instructions above if you’re unsure.
You may find this process easier if you ask a friend to help you.

Step 1:

Stand on the tape measure (wearing socks/hosiery) and wrap it around the widest part of your foot. This is a slight diagonal from around the ball joint to the outside of your little toe joint. See diagram.

Step 2:

Take a measurement in millimetres from the tape measure whilst it is wrapped snugly – but not tightly – around your foot. Alternatively make a mark on the paper strip and measure it with a flat ruler when it is away from your foot.

Step 3:

Enter the measurement in millimetres into our width calculator below and note your width fitting.

Width Calculator:

Now enter your measurements to calculate your correct shoe size and width.