Bespoke shoes

Create your perfect fit shoes.


We all have different feet, and we at Websters handmake bespoke shoes to suit whatever individual fitting needs you may have.  You can select from a range of five standard widths, and with our unique Bespoke feature you can add more width if you need it, for example to accommodate a bunion or another foot related condition.

It’s easy to create shoes made especially for you to your specifications in 3 simple steps ...

Websters shoe

Step 1:

Select your shoe from our range of Websters shoes.

Every Websters shoe is made using the finest, soft leather with a lightweight and hard wearing sole. The lining in each shoe is seam free so no need to worry about irritation. Extra depth makes the shoe ideal for orthotics.


Look for the Bespoke logo to see all those shoes that can be altered.


Search the Women’s shoe range.

Search the Men’s shoe range.

Step 2

Step 2:

View details of the shoe(s) you want to consider.

Once you’ve selected your shoe, click through to the detail page and select ‘Bespoke options available’.

Step 3

Step 3:

Create your perfect fit.

You will now be in our bespoke section where you can select your shoe size and shoe width - you even have the option to select different sizes for each foot.

You can then select whether you would like to increase toe joint areas by either 3mm, 6mm or 9mm. For example, you can choose to add 3mm extra width to the big toe joint of your left foot and 9mm extra width to the little toe joint on the right foot – the choice is yours!

Search the Women’s shoe range.

Search the Men’s shoe range.